Discover Freedom of Movement

Come give your body the ability to safely unwind, decompress, and move FREE at Dancing Hammock Movement Center. “We are only as young as our spine is flexible, AND our mind is open!” Quoting from both Joseph H. Pilates, and Christopher Harrison, founder of AntiGravity® Fitness.

What We Do

We provide fun and effective movement opportunities that promote health, joy, and community through Pilates, AntiGravity® Fitness, and BounceFit Rebounding.

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Image of Christopher Harrison, founder of AntiGravity® Fitness, facing the camera while lying stomach down in an AntiGravity® hammock with arms outstretched
“Original. Authentic. Genuine.”

Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity® Fitness

STOTT PILATES® Group Class, group touching toes with one hand, other in the air
“Intelligent Exercise, Profound Results©”

Photography © Merrithew Corporation

Image of Bellicon® Group Class on Trampoline
Bounce Your Way to Better Health!

Image by bellicon®

STOTT PILATES® Group Mat Workout with pilates bands resistance training
Pilates Practice Promotes Positive Posture!

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Image of AntiGravity® Fitness group class in reclining position
“When you open up space in the body, you open up space in the mind.”

- Christopher Harrison of AntiGravity® Fitness

About Me

Silja Meier Burns is the owner and creator of Dancing Hammock Movement Center, LLC. For the past 17 years, her passion for teaching physical and spinal wellness has been through Pilates. Since combining aerial decompression techniques and low impact rebounding to her Pilates practice, she has discovered the perfect system of spinal fitness.